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In Conversation With Philip Orr and Joe Austin @ Contemporary Christianity
Nov 8 @ 8:00 pm

The Poppy and the Lilly

Joe Austin is a veteran of the Republican movement and a member of the National Graves Association. Philip Orr, having been a schoolteacher, is a local historian, a writer and facilitator. This is an opportunity to hear about the work Philip and Joe have done around these two poignant symbols. The evening will have both historical and contemporary contexts. You are invited to join us for this evening to think through this topic which is highlighted in a striking line in Philip's play Halfway House, when Bronagh turns to Valerie and says, "You can parade your courage in public but we can't!"
Halfway House @ East Belfast Network Centre
Nov 17 @ 7:30 pm
Halfway House @ East Belfast Network Centre | Belfast | Northern Ireland | United Kingdom
1916  A Hundred Years On is yet another creative response to the current decade of political centenaries that have shaped our country for better or for worse. It's a winter's night; snow has made driving across the Sperrins impossible. Louise and Bronagh, with similar but different backgrounds, end up in the back room of a pub. A conversation they never expected starts about their families and about 1916, the Somme and the Rising.
Halfway House @ Portadown Town Hall
Dec 14 @ 7:30 pm
Contemporary Christianity is pleased to announce the a further performance of  Philip Orr’s one-act play HALFWAY HOUSE.  A drama about 1916…set in 1966 HALFWAY HOUSE explores aspects of culture and community, and how they shape our sense of identity and our understanding of the past and present. HALFWAY HOUSE has been presented in numerous venues this year. This is the final public performance of 2016, featuring Antionette Morelli as Valerie and Louise Parker as Bronagh.