Cultural attitudes to women – theirs or ours?

Cultural attitudes towards women amongst some refugee groups in other countries have been in the news in recent weeks. But such negative cultural attitudes to women are to be found much closer to home. Last October Contemporary Christianity partnered with BMS  for a day conference about domestic violence and it was in the news again last month because Christmas sees an annual rise in the reporting of acts of physical violence committed by men and boys against women and girls. Continue reading

In Conversation With … Warwick Smart

On Tuesday 13 October, Warwick Smart looked at "The Babylonian Myth of Redemptive Violence ... fighting for peace", discussing perceptions of accommodation and compromise as well as pacifism. Warwick is originally from South Africa, where he was a minister in St Columba's Church of the Uniting Presbyterian Church in Southern Africa. He is now the minister of 1st Ballymoney Presbyterian Church.