Plumbing the well of unhappiness

In western societies we have pushed back the tide of physical causes of harm to the extent that most achieve the milestone of 80 years of age before dying, with a majority enjoying good health up until their final years. However, the conditions that have been kind to our bodies has not had provided the same balm to our minds, especially those of our children. Continue reading

Don’t Talk

Over the past few months I have been trying to understand why there are so many things that, for the most part, evangelicals do not or will not talk about.  We claim to be Biblical in our outlook and worldview, but seem all too willing to set aside so much of the Scriptures in favour of other parts.  The Bible speaks much of poverty and care for the vulnerable, but we are almost silent in our pulpits on the ongoing painful saga of welfare reform. God’s people were strangers in a strange land, but the desperate plight of asylum seekers and refugees in Europe is a tragedy we are leaving to our politicians and the European Union to deal with. The labourer is worthy of his hire, but few of us are calling for the living wage to be made the baseline rate of pay. The silent list could go on and on, to include issues such as wealth, sexuality, the arts, identity and even family life. Continue reading

Health and Poverty

Can you imagine having to dispose of an asset or investment simply to pay a medical bill? It might be a piece of land, or money that you have set aside to pay for your children’s next term at school. I am writing as one of the privileged few in the world to have the shelter and security of an entirely free (“at point of charge”) National Health Service – something that the vast majority of the world’s population can only dream of. Continue reading