Resisting without imposing

In the 1980s Lesslie Newbigin argued that the modern multicultural worldview simply did not have the resources to stand up against absolutist worldviews. Sadly the rise of radical Islam and the results of the EU referendum and US presidential election seem to be proving him right. As postmodern thinkers have often pointed out, worldviews come at a price. Because they are comprehensive in scope and because they depend on a particular narrative of the world they have a tendency to become absolutist ideologies. They tend to negate all other visions, describing them as deviant or disruptive. Continue reading

P.S. – Assumptions

As part of preparation for teaching a module on 'Faith and Contemporary Culture' I’ve been thinking about the myriad number of assumptions inherent within our Western ‘way of life’. By 'assumption' I mean an expectation of normalcy: something that has nothing remarkable or unusual about it and is therefore not even consciously thought about. So I started to jot down assumptions of daily western life. It’s a simple exercise, yet it quickly becomes clear that our location within the West carries a truckload of assumptions that do not apply in most of the world. Continue reading