Invitation: The State we are in….Lament, Reality & Hope?

We would be delighted if you could join us… On THURSDAY 27 th FEBRUARY 2020
At Christian Fellowship Church Café, Belmont Road BELFAST BT4 2AN* From 7.30- 9.15ish

An Evening re-launching Contemporary Christianity for the 2020’s… Thinking Biblically … Building Peace

The programme will be relaxed and will start with coffee/tea at 7.30pm. David Smyth (recently appointed Head of EA in Northern Ireland) will get us thinking by speaking on…The State we are in….Lament, Reality & Hope?

Judith Hill (UTV reporter) will interview Rev. Norman Hamilton, our new Chairperson.

Then we will have some time for your inputs by table talk on issues David and Norman have raised, and others too!

As we enter a new chapter for Contemporary Christianity, we are hoping to pick up something of …“the spirit
of ECONI” … (Evangelical Contribution on Northern Ireland) which was so influential during ‘The Troubles’. We
believe the evening will be inspiring and challenging and that you will offer your input to help us with our
emerging direction of travel…
For practical purposes please book in at Eventbrite.

For further info email 

* Transport advice: Bus Routes 3F, 3G & 3H.

Thanks to CFC for the use of their café.

To Cope With Hope

In Northern Ireland, there has been a big increase in suicides since the early-nineties, before the first ceasefire in 1994, rising particularly throughout the period after the Good Friday Agreement in 1998. Many are concerned about the trend, which is often seen when peace comes to a country - whatever side people are on, the cohesiveness that being involved in conflict brings to communities is weakened post conflict. And the situation may actually be worse than people think. Continue reading