Very High Top Salaries: Necessary for Global Economics or Offensive to Biblical Justice?

Esmond Birnie and Allen Sleith both seek to apply their faith to all areas of life, including economics. However, on this issue they come to different conclusions. This evening was not a debate, to see 'who wins', but a conversation to explore and learn. Allen and Esmond talked about how their faith, and their reading of scripture, influenced how they approached this question. The audience then joined in what proved to be a lively discussion! Esmond Birnie is Chief Economist for PWC in Northern Ireland. Allen Sleith is minister of Regent Street Presbyterian Church. Unfortunately, due to technical problems, we were not able to record the first few minutes of the discussion, so a small part of Allen's introduction is missing.

An Interpreter speaks…

What makes a good interpreter? Someone with a mastery of the languages (and cultures) she is working with. Someone who goes behind the speaker's words to grasp their meaning and who is able to faithfully convey that meaning, not betraying the speaker. Someone who 'gets the message across', a message transformed into the idiom of the listener. Here in the heart of Europe we like to talk of an interpreter in the French sense of a 'performer', giving expression to the original text, making it come alive for the listener. That is how successful communication occurs. The interpreter 'becomes the speaker'. It's not just about reproducing words. Continue reading

In conversation with … David McMillan

It's the 400th anniversary of the publication of the Authorised (King James) Version of the Bible. Twenty years as a Baptist pastor, a foundation member of ECONI and now a doctorate student, David McMillan talked about and discussed
What authority does the Bible have in 21st century pluralist society?
After sharing his opinion, there was a time of questions.