In Conversation With … Derek Poole

On Tuesday 9 February, Derek Poole discussed "For God and Ulster: The Future of Loyalism". Derek Poole is Director of LINC (Local Initiative for Needy Communities) and works in conflict transformation and capacity-building initiatives in North Belfast, throughout Ireland and internationally.
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One Response to In Conversation With … Derek Poole

  1. Chris Bower says:

    I guess I found Derek’s excellent presentation and answers to questions very challenging, disturbing, constructive and all the other words that CCI delight in provoking believers to experience. It’s rare that I listen to a message with such provocation to consider and think.
    I am trying to get as many others to listen as I have done. This is not because I am a Derek Poole ‘grupee’ or think the message was so fantastic that it needs to be championed. No- the crusade is about allowing this recording to provoke further thought and equip for the necessary discussions and changes that come from that thinking process.
    CCI have again facilitated a desperately crucial conversation. Blessings to all!

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