In Conversation With … 5 Storytellers and Each Other

On 19 November the Faith and Gender Cluster Group held an In Conversation With  ... 5 Storytellers and Each Other.
  • Stories from the front – a chance to hear a little snippet from the life of the storyteller. These are real life stories. They are offered to help us consider the topic from the different perspectives of the tellers. We won’t be questioning or challenging them on what they have offered – just listening.
  • An opportunity to share our own experience of faith and gender with a few people around us.
  • Three more stories
  • And some bible passages to look at together in small groups (ending by 9.30pm as usual, when you might want to finish off the last of the snacks and any particularly interesting conversation you have been having)
Click here for a full account of the evening, or navigate to the In Conversation With ... section.  
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