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ECONI AND CCCI Library and ECONI and CCCI Archive Materials

The complete library and archives of ECONI and CCCI have been transferred to the Union College Library and are being processed.

The library has an extensive collection of books on practical and theological aspects of forgiveness, peacemaking and reconciliation with a particular reference to Northern Ireland and also on gender and ethnic issues.

The books and pamphlets will be retrievable through the Union College Library Cataloguing system.  Each has been marked as having a CCCI provenance. All the books contain appropriate gift labels.

All the books have been catalogued and classified and  the pamphlets are also being catalogued.

The pamphlets have been sorted by themes and have not all been listed by the Library sorting code.

We can confirm that the ECONI/CCCI books and archives can be freely consulted by the general public.

Any person wishing to access a book in the Union College Library will be required to provide standard identification (if requested).  Enquirers may become members of the library in order to borrow books.

There is a leaflet which the Union College Library gives to new members and students which deals with access to and use of library books. There is also information available on the Union College website.

By donating this collection of books, pamphlets archives to Union College and having it catalogued, the Board of Contemporary Christianity has ensured that it will be accessible to a wide range of readers and researchers.

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