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The Soundings Series offers substantive exploration of topics relevant to today's church. A sounding is a nautical term for measuring the depth of water, assisting navigation where underwater terrain is difficult or uncertain. It provides a powerful metaphor for the task of living out our biblical faith in a changing world. The Soundings Series is aimed at those seeking to engage with the challenges of biblical interpretation and the practical outworking of theology in daily life.

Soundings series

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Divided Past: Shared Future. Essays on Churches addressing the legacy of the Troubles
David Campton / Nigel Biggar

This booklet, comprising two essays contemplating the legacy of the Troubles, is the second in the Soundings Series from Centre for Contemporary Christianit which offers substantive exploration of topics relevant to today's church.

In Divine and Human: Nurturing a Spirituality and Culture of Forgiveness, David Campton offers a reflective essay on the work conducted by the Centre for Contemporary Christianity on the subject of forgiveness.

Nigel Biggar's keynote address to the 2007 Centre Conference, Between Sentimentality and Cynicism: The Churches' Contribution to Remembering the Political Past addresses some difficult questions around healing, remembering and reconciliation and sets out a Christian vision of peace for the future.

To order this resource please contact CCCI (, 028 90325258)

Soundings series

Price £5.00 / 7.50
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1.50 p&p

The theological grounds for advocating forgiveness and reconciliation in the sociopolitical realm
Alan Torrance

The escalating threat of terrorism and the tragic events of recent history, in Asia and the Middle East and also much nearer home, illustrate the profoundly divisive and destructive character of religion. Those same histories suggest that the pursuit of ‘justice’ all too often simply compounds terror by generating a downward spiral of violence in the name of ‘retribution’.

This booklet asks whether Christianity, with its tarnished history, is simply further illustration of the polarising tendency of religion. Or has the Gospel something more radical and significant to offer on how we confront evil and alienation in a divided and war-torn world?

To order this resource please contact CCCI (, 028 90325258)

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