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Forgiveness Papers Forgiveness Papers

A series of fifteen papers produced over a two-year period as part of the Embodying Forgiveness project run by the Centre for Contemporary Christianity in Ireland (CCCI). Drawing on a broad range of contributors, the papers aim to explore the meaning of forgiveness in the Bible and in different Christian traditions, and to ask about the implications of the practice of forgiveness for our society. We have not insisted on a particular definition or understanding of forgiveness among those who contributed to the series. Rather, our hope is that through this series of papers we will come to a fuller and more authentic understanding of forgiveness and its implication for church and society.

Forgiveness Papers in the series:

Forgiveness and Psychology, Gillian McChesney and Alwyn Thomson
Forgiveness in the Old Testament, David Montgomery
Forgiveness in the New Testament, Janet Unsworth
Forgiveness in the Protestant Tradition, Stephen Graham
Forgiveness in the Catholic Tradition, Eoin de Bhaldraithe
Forgiveness in the Anabaptist Tradition, Megan Halteman
Forgiveness in the Orthodox Tradition, Geoffrey Ready
Forgiveness, Truth and Memory, Alwyn Thomson
Forgiveness, Reconciliation and Justice, Geraldine Smyth & Stephen Graham
Forgiveness, Guilt and Repentance, Stephen Graham
Forgiveness and the Individual, Janet Morris
Forgiveness and the Church, Lesley Carroll
Forgiveness and Politics, Haddon Wilmer
Forgiveness and Popular Culture, Gareth Higgins
Forgiveness Concluding Reflections, Alwyn Thomson

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