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Dreams & Visions Dreams and Visions: An ECONI Resource

When ECONI began by publishing For God And His Glory Alone, it was billed as "an invitation to ask God what kind of people we should be and how we should live as Christians in Northern Ireland".

Fifteen years on, with all that has happened since and all that the future now seems to hold, Dreams and Visions has the same aim. It returns with freshness and insight to those original ten principles of love, forgiveness, reconciliation, peace, citizenship, truth, servanthood, justice & righteousness, hope and repentance.

These study materials, which include Bible study outlines and personal essays seasoned with perceptive reflection and prayerful response, seek to inspire Christians to live for God's glory in a divided world. Clergy, group leaders and anyone concerned with encouraging biblical peacebuilding will find this an envisioning and practical resource.

Thinking Biblically, Building Peace Thinking Biblically, Building Peace

For the past ten years ECONI has been producing study resources to help congregations explore the nature of Christian witness in a divided society.

Thinking Biblically - Building Peace is our latest publication and is designed to provide a comprehensive range of biblical material for those committed to the intergration of peace, justice and reconciliation in the life of their church and community.

Based on material commissioned for our popular ECONI Sunday events, these seven studies offer a theological overview, practical study outlines, have reflective questions and a fresh perspective on the issues and attitudes that have maintained the sectarian climate in our community. Clergy, Bible study leaders, Sunday School teachers and anyone involved in a teaching role will find this an envisioning and practical resource.

Border Crossings Border Crossings

Borders can be lines on a map, razor wire in a field or walls in a city. But we can build borders in our hearts and minds that are every bit as real. Sometimes, we build our borders to defend our faith against a hostile and unbelieving world.

The people Jesus came to had built borders around their faith to keep it pure and acceptable to God. But Jesus told them that God did not approve.

Jesus, the holy one of God, shattered the boundaries set up in defence of faith. He took his holiness to the despised, the compromised, the marginalised, the failures and the faithless. In every encounter he made known the boundless grace of God and made present the kingdom of God.

Have we built boundaries? Do we need to hear again the challenge of Jesus, the boundary breaker? Will we control and confine the grace of God? Or will we follow Jesus as he challenges us to follow him across the borders?

In his book of daily readings we reflect on Luke's story of Jesus as he invites us on this journey of discipleship.

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