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Welcome to p.s., an email and web discussion forum from ContemporaryChristianity.org. Virtual and voluntary, we issue p.s. every two or three weeks.

In line with our aims, it seeks to "provide informed, credible and practical comment and analysis, rooted in biblical reflection and theological thought" on contemporary matters of broad public concern in Ireland.

We're aiming to engage Christian minds with issues in the public square, to inject new perspectives and provoke discussion.

Harmonious Living (20/10/09)

How the local church is contributing to dealing with the horror of Aids? (06/10/09)

Living in the Light of the Big Story (22/09/09)

God's Story and the Earth's Story (08/09/09)

Misunderstanding Faith and Reason (07/05/09

Form or Function (23/04/09)

... and dwelt among us (20/03/09)

Prayer. Life. Make ending poverty part of ours? (03/03/09)

Sunsets, seasons and sabbaths (12/02/08)

What do you do with a goat? (19/12/08)

A quiet idea... (12/12/08)

Autumn Glory (21/11/08)

Getting to the heart of the problem (31/11/08)

Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness and Harvest Services (9/10/08)

The Church in the Public Square (24/09/08)

Why I wouldn’t care if they took Jesus out of Christmas (20/12/07)

Film 2007 (12/12/07)

Cocooned Faith? (4/12/07)

Is Climate Change a Weapon of Mass Destruction? (14/11/07)

The Memory of Faith (24/10/07)

Improving on the Human Being (11/10/07)

Christian Fellowship and Tree Hugging (26/09/07)

It's not my fault (12/09/07)

Raspberries and rhubarb (22/08/08)

Christianity with medium fries? (08/08/07)

Just keep turning the page (25/07/07)

A voice crying in the desert (11/07.07)

Truth and Reconciliation in the Aftermath of the Troubles (27/06/07)

A breath of fresh air (13/06/07)

Esteeming Others (23/05/07)

Bearing Witness (10/05/07)

Reconciliation Process (26/04/07)

A glimpse of the farther shore (28/03/07)

Camels and cotton thread (14/03/07)

Am I not a man and a brother? (14/02/07)

Changing coastlines, welcoming shores? (24/01/07)

The Eye-opener of Outsiders (10/01/07)

Home for Christmas (13/12/06)

Not the Nine O'Clock News (22/11/06)

Habakkuk on MTV (09/11/06)

Fear, Faith and the Future: Children of Men (25/10/06)

Remembering Violence (11/10/06)

No wolf, no lamb (27/09/06)

A loss of hope (13/09/06)

Behind the Wire (23/08/06)

Why do churches split? (09/08/06)

The Westlife Test (26/07/06)

An Evangelical feminism (12/07/06)

Ending Hostilities? (28/06/06)

Which sport would Jesus play? (14/06/06)

All that fall (24/05/06)

Post-territorial Christianity? (10/05/06)

Christianity: a force for good? (26/04/06)

Who Needs Forgiveness? (12/04/06)

Treasure on Earth (22/03/06)

True Speech (08/03/06)

An Internal Day of Anger (22/02/06)

Eyeless in Gaza? (08/02/06)

The promise of things not seen (25/01/06)

Companions of the night (11/01/06)

So here it is, Merry Christmas! (21/12/05)

God Loves a Cheerful Giver... (07/12/05)

Pecs-Factor or X-Factor? (23/11/05)

Peace in Palestine: non-negotiable (09/11/05)

Singing the Lord's Song in a Foreign Land (26/10/05)

Harvest Hopefulness (12/10/05)

Discerning the Signs (28/09/05)

Doing good - an alien concept? (14/09/05)

The Quizzing Generation (24/08/05)

If words could kill... (10/08/05)

Water, water everywhere... (27/07/05)

The Preacher (13/07/05)

Street Preaching (22/06/05)

Light in the Darkness (8/06/05)

That’s Entertainment? (25/05/05)

Seeing Red and Feeling Blue (11/05/05)

Voting, Cynicism and Paddy Power (27/04/05)

The Church in the Public Square (13/04/05)

New! p.s. extra! comes to you alongside p.s., arriving occasionally, in-between times, to bring you further biblical reflection and theological thought on contemporary matters of broad public concern.

p.s. extra! The question nobody wants to ask... (17/05/06)

p.s. extra! On refugees... (17/08/05)