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Centre for Contemporary Christianity in Ireland is a new initiative building on the work done by Evangelical Contribution on Northern Ireland. From its formation in 1987, as a grassroots Evangelical response to the ongoing conflict, ECONI was highly successful in equipping Christians to address community conflict and to play their part in the long-term task of peacebuilding. Rooted in the Evangelical community, Centre for Contemporary Christianity in Ireland now works across the Christian traditions to address the challenges of a new era for all who call this island ‘home’.

A changing Ireland has already created new dilemmas and a new context for our Christian life and witness. This changing Ireland will demand much of the church. Long-established mindsets and destructive patterns of relationship often hinder our capacity to respond to this change.

For too many the hurt and legacy of the past make the future difficult to face. Addressing our troubled past is a necessary part of creating a healthy future.

Centre for Contemporary Christianity in Ireland is committed to helping you and your church effectively serve Christ and our changing world.

We can help you to think and act upon the issues of critical importance for the future by providing biblical resources and practical support.

We believe we can make a difference – helping the church to be good news for the people of Ireland. We want to see the Christian community nurture a deeplyrooted and radical biblical faith. Faith in God, who in Jesus Christ reconciles the world, restores human relationships and is concerned for all of life and creation.

What is the church’s mission and ministry in the Ireland of the 21st century?
How do we move beyond conflict, find reconciliation and deal with the legacy of the past?
What does it mean to value diversity in community?
How can we contribute to an inclusive and respectful society?
As active Christian citizens, how should we be engaging with values and public policy, national identity and faithful discipleship?

We don’t offer quick fixes or easy answers but we can support you in seeking to address the challenges of your context – serving your needs and helping to develop your ministry to the community in which you live and work. We work with those in leadership, youth and student groups, women’s groups, community groups, and Christian organisations and offer to contribute to church services, conferences and church weekends. Invite one of our Programme Directors to discuss how we might support you.

Inviting us to speak to your group or event
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