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For God and His Glory Alone (25th anniversary edition)

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Twenty five years ago, “For God and His Glory Alone” was first published. Fifteen years ago, the booklet was republished ahead of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement. We are re-launching this booklet again on the 25th anniversary of the first publication - not for nostalgic reasons but because of the fierce urgency of now. The ten principles highlighted in this booklet, and co-signed at that time by over 200 men and women from across the Christian denominations, are perhaps more relevant today in our country than ever before.

These principles are built on the scandalous gospel of Jesus Christ; on a new Kingdom where our relationship with God leads to a new identity and new relationships with our neighbours and even our enemies. We believe now is a time for reflection and brave action on the mandate of ‘For God and His Glory Alone’.

The unfinished business of our past still holds our future captive. More widely, the legacy of “The Troubles” continues to compromise our witness to the gospel on a worldwide scale. At times we have been so afraid of betraying the forebearers of our past, that we have forgotten we are forebearers for generations to come.

There is a new generation of Christians who are reaching out for the baton of the vision of the original authors and signatories of this booklet. We must pass it on to them. Peace-making is moving from the margins of Church culture into the mainstream. Now is the time for new identities and new relationships as we the Church again strive to become pioneers for peace.

“I pray that God will use this booklet to deeply affect our identity and relationships.”

Alain Emerson

“I would encourage all church leaders to engage with these biblical challenges.”

Rev Dr Heather Morris

“I am delighted to commend this again to everyone; may it mould and change the attitudes and actions of many.“

Rev Dr Roy Patton

“We take up this timeless challenge for the hope and shalom of this and future generations.“

David Smyth

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