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New Loyalties: Christian Faith and the Protestant Working Class

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by Philip Orr

New Loyalties examines issues of social deprivation, the demise of the church's presence in the inner cities, the history of conflict in Loyalist communities and the polarisation of class.

Moving beyond and analysis of church and community estrangement, New Loyalties considers specific models of mission, like Billy Mitchell's conflict transformation work and offers a series of case studies that model experimental and innovative engagement. While they show a diversity of local church theology and practice, the initiatives share a common commitment to not abandon the Protestant working class.

By looking at church and community experiences in England, USA and the Republic of Ireland we locate our regional challenges within the wider context of disaffected communities on the margins of many western societies.

This publication will be a helpful resource for church and community leaders considering the challenges of post-conflict mission and will be of value to anyone concerned with the widening gap between the Protestant church and loyalist communities.

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