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Power and Providence: Studies on the Book of Esther

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The book of Esther is a dramatic tale portraying the seedier side of Persian court life, in the 4th Century BCE in all its rather murky glory. The authority of King Ahasuerus is called into question in a court beset by bitter rivalry, chaos and ancient hatreds. A royal edict is issued which condemns to death all Jews living in exile in Persia. What can be done in the face of this threatened genocide?

It is decision time for the Jews close to the king and, in particular, for the young Queen Esther. It is time to stand up and be counted.

One of the few Bible books in which God is not overtly mentioned, what has the Book of Esther to say to us today? How should we engage in the often morally ambivalent world of politics and power? How are we, as Christians, called to live in the public square?

This booklet of four studies is suitable for either personal reflection or group discussion and is offered as part of the Centre for Contemporary Christianity’s ongoing commitment to providing relevant and accessible biblical resources.

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