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In Conversation With


Faith and the Arts:

A series facilitated by our

Faith and Arts group

We are going to make a bit of a break with the usual pattern of "In Conversation With  ..." evenings over the next three months. We have an active Faith and Arts Group which hosted two exhibitions in 2012. They have agreed to facilitate our discussions and to actively engage us in this exciting new series.

All these events will take place at 3rd Floor, 21 Ormeau Avenue, Belfast. Click here for map.
19 February, 7:30pm
Room for Art?
An interactive evening focusing on art and artists within our churches
Not so much a talk about art as time spent looking at, and responding to, artworks brought in by members of the Faith and Art group – and, hopefully, you too.

Come and bring a piece of ‘art’ which speaks to you [not compulsory] and which may [or may not] be considered appropriate within our churches. 

This will be an interactive evening focusing on the use of art/artists within our churches.
19 March, 7:30pm
Art as Prayer
Exploring themes such as:
  • God communicates to us through His creation; can we communicate to Him through our creations?
  • Can God communicate to us through the work of a non-Christian artist?
16 April, 7:30pm
Art: The Misunderstood Voice

This evening will explore the two way conversation between the world and the church.

Note: These are open events. Please feel free to join the conversation and bring anyone else who might be interested.

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