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Annual Conference 2006
Saturday 4 November
Armagh City Hotel

From here to eternity
Christian Spirituality for a Changing World

Marva Dawn
Glenn Jordan
Eileen & David Kerr
Paul Symonds
John Dickinson
Derek Poole

From here to eternity
Christian Spirituality for a Changing World

We are living through a period of rapid social and cultural change that is impacting every aspect of our lives, bringing – like all history-making shifts – both blessing and curse. The calling of the church is to actively discern the nature of these changes.

The effects of change are already evident in the new material prosperity and the widening gap between the rich and poor. The IT revolution has opened up an excess of information that makes us anxious about everything from the environment to geopolitics. Also, in the realm of values and beliefs a bewildering diversity of ideas collide and jostle for space in a pluralist society.

At this year’s conference we want to consider the kind of spiritual vision, vitality, disciplines and practices the church needs if we are to sustain the Christian vocation of redemptive engagement with this changing world. We will be guided by an understanding of Christian spirituality as the concern to develop the spiritual maturity of the whole person in connection with all of creation.

Christian spirituality is, as Alister McGrath affirms, “A creative and dynamic synthesis of faith and life”. It is the process through which the life of Christ is formed in us and through us. We invite you to join us on this day of exploration.

Marva Dawn
Dr Marva Dawn

Our keynote speaker is Dr. Marva J. Dawn, Teaching Fellow in Spiritual Theology at Regent College in Vancouver, British Columbia. Marva has taught at leadership and worship conferences throughout the world and is a respected theologian, author, musician and educator. She is a scholar with four Masters degrees and a Ph.D. in Christian Ethics and the Scriptures. Marva is also recognised and highly appreciated as a preacher and speaker for all ages.

Her 2001 book entitled Powers, Weakness, and the Tabernacling of God was honoured with the 2002 Christianity Today Book Award in the category of The Church/Pastoral Leadership. She is the author of more than fifteen books.


You will have the opportunity to attend one of three workshops exploring the themes of:

Liturgy and Spiritual Formation (Glenn Jordan and Derek Poole)
This workshop will explore the central liturgical themes of Worship, Baptism, Preaching of the Word and Communion and consider how these shape and inform the spiritual and communal life of the Church.

Spirituality for Social Engagement (Marva Dawn)
Marva Dawn will consider how the ethics and practices of Christian spirituality help the church engage with wider society and in particular our concern for issues of justice and social compassion.

The Deer’s Cry (David and Eileen Kerr)
This is an opportunity to explore the spirituality of the Celtic church and to consider how the insights and practice of this ancient tradition might inform the current life and witness of the church.

Christian Spiritual Traditions
The programme will also include an interactive interview with Rev John Dickinson and Fr Paul Symonds on understanding the nature of Spirituality within the Reformed and Roman Catholic traditions.


Coffee & Registration
Welcome, Reflection & Worship
Keynote Address: Christian Spirituality for a Changing World - Marva Dawn
Reflection & Worship
Interview: Christian Spiritual Traditions - Paul Symonds and John Dickinson
Perspectives on Christian Spirituality - Marva Dawn, Glenn Jordan and Derek Poole
Reflection & Worship
Armagh City Hotel
Our conference this year will be held in the
Armagh City Hotel which is well located just
45 minutes from Belfast and 1.5 hours from
Dublin The hotel has ample on-site parking.
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Howard House, 1 Brunswick Street, Belfast, BT2 7GE