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Faith-based organisation "re-born"!

From April 2005, the Centre for Contemporary Christianity in Ireland will be the new name and face of the organisation formerly known as ECONI (Evangelical Contribution on Northern Ireland).

For 18 years, ECONI has equipped Christians to address division and conflict and challenged churches to think biblically about peacebuilding.

Now, says Centre Director David Porter, in a society that has changed significantly politically, socially, culturally and spiritually in the past five years, the time has come to recognise a wider vision:

"Whilst the challenges of building a peaceful and inclusive society remain, Christians of all traditions throughout Ireland are increasingly acknowledging that Christianity will come to occupy a very different place in this new society. Together we face the challenge of understanding what a faithful biblical witness to Jesus Christ will look like in this new era. It is this changing context that has led us to make a change ourselves, and become the Centre for Contemporary Christianity in Ireland."

The Centre is hoping to establish itself as a respected and recognised resource for the church throughout Ireland and beyond. Building on the work of ECONI and with the tag-line "Biblical Faith for a Changing World", it aims to provide credible research and biblical resources alongside practical support through events and courses.

David Porter added: "We're committed to helping people serve their communities at points of contention, conflict and social change. Our vision is to see the Christian community in Ireland nurture a deeply rooted and radical biblical faith. Faith in a God, who in Jesus Christ reconciles the world, restores human relationships and is concerned for all of life and creation."

For further information, visit, e-mail info@contemporarychristianity.orgor phone 028 9032 5258.

ECONI seeks to be a catalyst for radical biblical discipleship, encouraging and enabling Christians to think biblically about their life and witness in the world. In particular ECONI aims to equip Christians to address the legacy of conflict and the reality of community division and to contribute to the long-term task of peacebuilding.
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