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We desire to see the Christian community in Ireland nurture a radical biblical faith in God, who in Jesus Christ reconciles the world, restores human relationships and redeems all of life and creation.

We are committed to develop the knowledge and personal skills needed among Christians and churches to serve their communities at critical points of cultural contention, communal conflict and social change, by becoming a place where they can access biblical resources and practical support.

We will engage creatively with the change in culture and values that shape the contemporary context in which the church seeks to nurture and express biblical faith through its worship and witness, with a focus on three priority areas:

  • Conflict: To develop appropriate theological and practical resources to enable people to contribute to conflict transformation and reconciliation.
  • Community: To promote a biblical understanding of good relations to enable churches, individuals and communities to explore diversity in all its forms and contribute to an inclusive and respectful society.
  • Citizenship: To address the relationship between faith and politics, moral values and public policy, discipleship and national identity, providing a biblical perspective for debate and action as the church participates in the public square.

We will establish a range of events and initiatives to be a catalyst and to serve and resource the church, with a team of skilled and experienced people committed to four key activities:

  • Research: We will provide informed, credible and practical comment and analysis, rooted in biblical reflection and theological thought.
  • Equip: We will create and facilitate opportunities to learn - through courses, workshops and events - and produce relevant and accessible resources and materials.
  • Act: We will engage with wider society, modelling good practice, building relationships, developing co-operation, supporting and encouraging others and working in partnership when appropriate.
  • Share: We will develop our national and international relationships with churches and other Christian organisations for mutual learning in areas of common concern.

Howard House, 1 Brunswick Street, Belfast, BT2 7GE